Tony Merhi, a well established and successful property investor in his own right for some 20 years, has combined his visionary talent and aptitude for recognising business potential with a tried and tested formula for optimising positive outcomes and minimising risk in investing in property. By carefully calculating risks and ensuring that possible losses are covered up front through staged developments with pre-sales, Tony has achieved a phenomenal success rate.


Tony has developed a unique rapport with the Hills Shire Council, which puts him in a strong position as a developer. He gained the first DA approval for apartments in the Shire (Baulkham Hills and Castle Hill) where he introduced what was then a new concept; large resort style apartments with pool, spa and gymnasium amenities. This was against a background of an anti-development attitude in Council at that time and the absence of medium density accommodation provisions in its LEP; challenged successfully by Tony using a small loophole in the LEP.


With only a few exceptions, apartments currently in Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill and Carlingford were Tony Merhi’s projects from site acquisition to DA approval and completion. Several received Council design awards, the most recent for his Mercer Street, Castle Hill development.


For five years Tony worked with the Council in developing his vision for the now Carlingford Precinct Plan, which allows 8−18 levels to be constructed on sites close to the railway station (see attached maps). The Plan also includes undergrounding extensive high voltage power lines which is to be funded by a new developers levy. This Plan is a win-win situation for Council, the public sector and Tony’s associated companies.


In anticipation of this rezoning opportunity Tony Merhi’s companies have over the years acquired a significant land bank which includes the majority of the key sites for high rise development in the Precinct and he has several DA submissions pending.


Over the past ten years Tony’s companies have successfully completed development projects realising well in excess of $1.4 Billion. In addition to the Carlingford Precinct Plan, Tony’s companies are also working on other projects. Two of them are prestige projects at Killara; one of them adjoining/overlooking Killara Golf Course and a more recent approval for 746 apartments (plus 9,000 sqm commercial/retail) at Samantha Riley Drive, Baulkham Hills (currently on public exhibition). This project has been described by Councillors as:

Iconic Site, Pioneering Development, Great benefit to the Shire and the people who live in it. We have been looking at sites like this which can fill the demand for all the people who want to down size and also a product which will be affordable. The developer must be given all support from Council to fast track it. We need to make this site with the village on it, a showcase in the State of NSW

In the last six months Tony’s Group of companies have achieved five DA approvals (1160 apartments) under the Carlingford Precinct Plan alone with forecast gross realisations exceeding $580 million bringing combined gross realisations for all current DA approved projects to more than $2billion.


With regard to his ongoing property development business Tony Merhi is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the extraordinary development opportunities which he has opened up in the Hills Shire. Tony has an established record of award-winning developments and a strong vision for the future which accords with the Hills Shire Council’s own plans. Backed by an enviable team of hand-picked professionals including Town Planners, Architects, Traffic and other specialists and an intimate knowledge of the workings of the Hills Shire Council, he is undertaking the most exciting and innovative developments that the region has seen.


Tony Merhi’s enviable success rate when dealing with Council issues and sensitive sites can be attributed to his impeccable reputation, tenacity, integrity and carefully formulated strategies. He is held in the highest regard by Government and Council officials for his visionary concepts, particularly the Carlingford Precinct Plan and Samantha Riley Drive, Baulkham Hills project which The Hills Shire Council want to benchmark; a very prestigious site for any funder to be associated with given its high public profile.


Whilst doing his own projects, Tony has also done extensive pro-bono consultancy work assisting others, particularly non profit/charity organisations, to gain development approvals often for sensitive sites.