Tony Merhi featured on Home I own

Tony Merhi, Merc Capital - Home I Own

Tony Merhi featured on Home I own

Merc Capital founder and CEO, Tony Merhi, has had the privilege of being featured on Australian real estate website, Home I Own. This website gives readers a wealth of information and insight into the Australian housing market.

Home I Own took the time to interview Tony on his involvement in property development in the Sydney Hills District. In his interview, Tony explains where his love for the area comes from and why he has such a strong passion for developing the housing market for the residents who reside in it.

Currently, the Hills District is experiencing a property boom, with many Sydney residents buying and renting different types of housing in the area. Homegrown and international developers have been working to provide new housing options to residents in an area that has remained untouched for a number of years. The increase in popularity within the area makes this a much-needed change and great opportunity for the district to expand and grow.

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