Dancers Square, Norwest

About This Project

Located at the gateway into Norwest, Dancers Square is Merc Capital’s vision for a vibrant and iconic architectural landmark on Norwest Boulevard. The site provides a key interchange and land use transition from Windsor Road into the Norwest Business Park.

As the ideal entry point into Norwest Business Park and a pitstop exit before heading home for the day, Dancer’s Square will provide a place to do business, stay or meet friends and family after a day at the office.

Dancers Square will invigorate the Boulevard by bringing art, culture and nightlife into the precinct. The Square can showcase local performers, artists, and talent by providing a space for creativity. The proposed mixed-use precinct includes boutique retail and a commercial office tower for A-grade office space. Intentionally sun-drenched internal space is provided for improved productivity and mental invigoration. Step downstairs for lunch in one of the many restaurants, cafes, bars and take-aways. Activated roof terraces and landscaped podiums with trees and street level landscaping will allow enjoyment and creativity of the outdoors while you work or rest.

The options are endless, and the choice is all yours.